Project Description

Since 2015, the institution has been organising various educational programmes for children and adults on an annual basis. The programmes are largely aimed at getting to know the local cultural and natural heritage, and include numerous lectures, workshops and other programmes, either as part of Museum Night, the Science Festival, and Researchers’ Night, or independently. These include the following lectures: St Marinus and St Leo (A. Pahljina, 2016), Folklore-traditional customs of the island of Rab (A. Brna, 2017), Archaeological landscapes of Lopar (A. Konestra and P. Androić Gračanin, 2018), Croatian traditional instruments – Rab ‘mih’ (S Večković, 2018), New insights on the Nativity of Mary (B. Španjol Pandelo and S. Potočnjak, 2019), Geoparks – a trend, challenge or something more (Lj. Marjanac, 2019), the ‘Mih’-playing school (B. Škarić, 2016-2019), and also the exhibition Journey through the past of Lopar (Institute of Archaeology, 2016-2019), the Educational walk through the archaeological landscape of the island of Rab (A. Konestra, 2018), the round table The condition, challenges, promotion and presentation of Rab’s archaeological heritage (Rab Archaeological Traces project, 2019), the workshops Little archaeologists (2017), Ancient games (2018), Pictionary in the local dialect (2016, 2017, 2018), etc.