The Sand Sculpture Festival has taken place since 2012 in early summer on Paradise Beach in Lopar. Using only soft sand from the beach (‘mel’ in local dialect) and water, students of academies of fine arts and renowned sculptors work hard for several days in the sun and heat to turn piles of sand weighing dozens of tons into impressive sand sculptures that take bathers’ and visitors’ breath away. At the same time as the sand sculpting, there is a competition for the best photography on the theme of sand. The winners in both categories are announced on the last day of the festival. Over the years, the Sand Sculpture Festival has become an international event that is attended by many renowned artists. Its distinctive feature is that no clay, chemicals or other additives are used to make it easier to shape the sand and to make the sculptures last longer. The special charm is that they last only for a day or two, which makes a visit to Paradise Beach at the end of the festival truly worthwhile!